Sound & Light Ministry Annual Report 2018

2018 Ministry Report: Sound & Lights
Submitted by: John Nystrom, Ministry Head
The Sound & Lights ministry is primarily responsible for handling the PA systems of the church. The PA in the Sanctuary for the most part is excellent equipment and in good working order. We will be working in the coming months to update the microphones. They are in need of updated connectors, plus we should have a back-up mic.

The PA system in Nicholson Hall is another story. We typically need to borrow components from the
Sanctuary, or, use a donated Karaoke system. These work for short announcements but are inadequate
for events and presentations. Plus, carrying gear in and out of the Sanctuary invites additional wear and
tear, and breakage.
Our committee will soon be making a recommendation to the Vestry regarding improving the audio
system in Nicholson Hall. We feel the benefits of having a permanent system would nicely enhance and
expand the use of this space. We seek your thoughts on this issue. Please reach out with your ideas.
If you are interested in exploring becoming a member, please reach out to me.
Ministry members include:
8:00 service                12:30 service
Kevin Lee                    Jesus Molar

10:30 Service
Mike Staub
Al Tubman
John Talipsky Jr.
Alex Talipsky
John Nystrom