COVID-19 Pastoral Letter from Father Fabio

Dear friends of Saint Edwards,

I am writing to you during this pandemic coronavirus to invite all of you to keep your love, your faith and your hope high. Panic does not belong to us, nor to God’s people, because we know that these spiritual gifs of faith, love, hope will never be affected by any virus at all.

Keep Love high. If somebody has to stay at home as a precaution, please know that we are united as a parish community even when we are not together, we are present to each other in our prayers and support. God is with us in these particular moments of our lives together; God never abandons us, and God always wins.

Keep Faith high, knowing that God is working hard, very hard I believe, to send us the necessary help to stop this evil that is affecting the lives of many people around the world. We pray for all those who are sick with this illness, those who are isolated from their loved ones, those who will have to isolate themselves from the people they love, and from the places where they live.

Keep hope high. We really hope that this virus won’t keep us, for too long, distant and afraid. I am taking this crisis as part of my Lenten journey of wilderness to be in solidarity to whose lives are a permanent wilderness. I pray that our Easter gift from God will be a healthy world where all of us can go back to church to shake hands again and drink from the same cup of Jesus that gives to us eternal life.

We have been taking this threat to our lives seriously, following the guidelines given from the diocese, but also our own initiatives, such us, developing a bulleting that contains all you need to worship, uploading our bulletin on our own webpage so anyone of you have access to it…

Along with the Vestry and our staff we will continue talking, discerning and sharing important information to you making sure that during these times you are safe, and that we care for you and each other. If you are at home, please check with us and let us know what is happening in your life and how we can assist your spiritual needs.

In the love of Christ,

The Rev. Fabio Sotelo
Interim Priest
Episcopal Church of Saint Edwards