Communications Ministry Annual Report 2018

Communications Ministry 2018 Annual Report
Communications Ministry Overview
The Communications Ministry serves to facilitate communications both within our congregation as
well as to the general public. Our team focuses on digital communications and also assists with
conventional communication methods.

Ministry members
Our ministry members include: Ted Ruchalski (Chair), John Talipsky Sr. (Vice Chair), Frances Hart,
Donna Talipsky, Carla Strott, Navar Steed, Erica Harris, and Jeannette Best-Nunez (vestry liason).
Starla Franks serves as youth consultant.

2018 Accomplishments
Our focus for 2018 has been a complete overhaul of our website. We moved to
our own hosting solution which enabled us to implement a modern, interactive site. This includes
utilizing a WordPress theme allowing each ministry to post directly to the site. Our goal is for the
website to be everyone’s first stop for any information related to St. Edwards’s.

2019 Goals
For 2019 we would like to drive more participation from every ministry. We would like the website to
become self sustaining, allowing the communications ministry to focus on other areas including social
media and advertising to help promote our events and grow our church.
If you are interested in contributing your time and talent to our ministry, contact Ted Ruchalski at 678-
694-7687 or at