Acolyte Ministry Annual Report 2018

Acolyte Ministry 2018 Annual Report
What is the Acolyte Ministry?

The Acolyte Ministry is a worship ministry of individuals in our community that serve
weekly to help lead our parish community in worship by serving on the alter and serving

Who are the Acolytes?
They are trained individuals in the rituals of worship who serve weekly during all three
services. They show up early and sometimes stay late to do the work of God for our
worship services. They include Crucifers, Gospel Bearers, Torch Bearers, Thurifers, and
Boat Bearers. We have 8 trained acolytes for the 8AM service. We have 16 active and
trained acolytes for the 10AM service. We have at least 4 that are awaiting our next
training to join the ministry. They are comprised of both our youth and adults from our
parish community.
2018 in Review
With a change in transitional priests, the acolytes were very busy learning the ways of Fr.
Gordon. We held two training and meeting events this year. The acolytes practiced often
for regular services as well as special services including our 50th Anniversary service. As
a group, we became more consistent in our service practices, and continue to explore
ways to help make the worship services meaningful for all of our parishioners. The
group supports each other by filling in, in just a minutes notice.
Expenses vary depending on the condition of our vestments. Items within the budget
include cottas, cassocks, albs, printing for manuals and training, scholarships for diocesan
training, and light refreshments when we meet as a ministry.
In 2019, the goals are to complete an updated acolyte guide, hold 2-4 trainings/meetings,
develop current and new acolytes, participate in diocesan acolyte event(s), and have one
social event as a ministry.
If anyone is called to serve our community and God in this way, please contact the chairs
of the ministry, Salena L. Sandford Staub, at 770-606-7203 or
or Ted Ruchalski at
Salena Staub and Ted Ruchalski