Vacation Bible School 2018

Vacation Bible School 2018

The program was very successful this year! There were more children in VBS this year than in the two previous years. A very large number of the congregation was involved in support the program. I believe that the increase children is due in part to changing to an evening program and providing dinner for the families.

This year VBS began with dinner at 6:00PM with the program beginning at 6:45.

VBS was held from Monday, July 16-Thursday, July 19. Family dinner was scheduled for 6:00PM, however, most families arrived at 6:30. Meals were provided by ECW, Latino mission, Altar Guild and The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew. Many thanks to those who provided the meals! The meal brought many families to the church. Parents were encouraged to stay and participate in the program.

The theme: Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus was based on Bible readings, which empathized that we are never alone. Jesus is always with us through all of the challenges of life. The teachers and children were pleased with the program.
Lead teachers were Glenda Beardsworth, Jay Franks, Charlotte Markey, Marvelle Martin and Jeanette Best-Nunez. A number of the youth helped with the program. John Talipsky Sr provided much needed technical support.

In 2019, registration will begin on April 8, and parents will encouraged to complete registration before VBS begins. We will continue to accept registrations on the first two days of VBS, but it is essential to have most of the registrations in advance.

A follow up meeting to discuss VBS 2018 and plan for VBS 2019 was be held on Monday, August 20 at 6:00PM. VBS 2019 will be held from June 3-June 6 in the evening. Changing the program to an evening one had the unexpected consequence of higher humidity and higher temperature than the morning program. By moving VBS to June, it will likely result in cooler temperatures. A tentative calendar for VBS 2019 has developed. Follow-up meeting was very helpful in planning for 2019.

Words cannot fully express my appreciation for everyone, who was involved with VBS! It is truly a testament to the rebirth St. Edward’s Episcopal Church!