A note from Fr. Gordon and Fr. Fabio

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In this time of uncertainty for many churches, St. Edward’s is celebrating 50 years! We encourage our members to invite friends and family to come and celebrate this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Come join us to greet new and returning friends.
Come home to St. Edward’s and share our story.

If there is a reason you may not attend, such as cost, what to wear, unable to drive at night, prefer not to dance or listen to music, no one with whom you can sit at table, please note there are answers to these concerns!

There will be a time for fellowship and eating before the music and dancing, there are ways to help find you a ride at night, there are many who will attend alone to welcome you at table, and there are ways to help with the cost.

Please contact Fr. Gordon or Fr. Fabio if you need to be assured that this celebration is for everyone and, if at all possible, they will help remove any obstacle preventing you from making plans to attend!

Fr. Gordon and Fr. Fabio can be reached through the office, 770-963-6128.