June 10, 2018

Path to Shine

Path to Shine Ministry Annual Report 2018

Path to Shine
Path to Shine provides free tutoring to students in need. Our partner school is Holt Elementary
School. The program began in September 2016 and it is currently in its
third school year.. The program meets from 3:15-5:15 on Tuesdays when school is in session.
The teachers and school administration select the students. We are currently serving ten children,
which is the largest number of thus far.
The program maintains ratio of one adult to two children. This allows for individualized instruction.
Some children need support in Reading while others need support in Mathematics. The children
develop a strong relationship with their mentor. A typical session includes outside time,
snacks, tutoring and finishes with a group activity. It is very gratifying to see the growth of the
children’s skills.
The success of program is dependent on our volunteers from St. Edward’s. Current volunteers
include: Charlotte Marky, Olive Joachim, Hilary Saunders, Jay Franks and Jeannette Best Nunez.
Diana Farmer and Jean Okunsanya substitute when needed. Michael Lyons continues to be the
program director with Charlotte Mark as co-chair. Additional volunteers are always needed.