June 10, 2018

Education for Ministry

EFM Annual Report 2018

2018 EFM Annual Report
Since the calendar year begins in January and the EFM year runs Sept to
May, this calendar year began in the middle of last year’s study year.
Each year has a theme, and the theme for last year was “Living
Faithfully in Your World”. Our participants enjoyed their year and
Frances Hart was our only graduate.

This year Michael Lyons is in his fourth year and will be our only
graduate in the spring. Jean Okunsanya and I are both still mentoring;
and we have Denise Robinson, Mary Lu Rogers, Gladys Tarpeh, and
Samantha Toomey in year three, Jennifer Khaleel in year two, and
Marvelle Martin in year one. We have a very lively and diverse group;
and that is very good indeed because our spiritual theme this year is
“Living Faithfully in a Multicultural World”.

We meet at the church on Sundays from 1:30-4:30, usually in the
Chapel; and, in the spring we will be looking for 1 or 2 people to join
after Michael Lyons graduates.

Gary Daniels and Jean Okunsanya