June 10, 2018

Lay Eucharistic Minister

Eucharistic Minister Ministry Annual Report 2018

2018 Ministry Report: LEM
Submitted by: John Nystrom, Ministry Head
LEM’s (Lay Eucharistic Ministers) in the Episcopal Church are licensed by the bishop to administer the
consecrated elements of the eucharist. In short, our primary responsibility is to assist the priest in
serving communion. Our ministry is blessed to have dedicated people who have studied and trained to
allow our parishioners to receive the blood of Christ in a loving, caring and correct manner.
LEM’s also have further responsibilities. We are blessed at St. Edward’s to have dedicated Eucharistic
Visitors who are LEM’s that take the Holy Sacrament to members who cannot attend service.
Additionally, LEM’s are on call to administer the Holy Sacrament and even Last Rights in urgent
In addition to serving at regular services, LEM’s also serve whenever the Eucharist is presented. This
includes weddings, funerals, and other special services.
St. Edward’s currently has close to thirty LEM’s. Our LEM’s are as follows:

8:00 service                12:30 service
Etta Cole                          Paula Pleitez
George Herrin                Rafael Pleitez
Pat Bush                          Jackeline Gomez
Marilynn Emmons        William Gomez
Nicole Harrison             Yadira Hoguin
Ted Ruchalski

10:30 service                                      Euchcaristic Visiting Ministers
Bernadette Mathews                          Hillary Saunders
Denise Robinson                                 Vanya Davis
Valerie Curry                                        Sarah West
Gabriele Mayes                                    Marilynn Emmons
Jean Okunsanya                                  Etta Cole
Michael Lyons                                     Pam Herrin
Salena Staub                                        Gabriele Mayes
Samantha Toomey                             Samantha Toomey
Sanya Simmons
Sarah West

John Nystrom
If you have an interest in exploring becoming an LEM, please tap me on the
shoulder and we can talk.

Eucharistic Visitor Ministry Annual Report 2018

Eucharistic Visitor
Eucharistic Visitors or EV’s are parishioners who take communion to our members who are temporarily or permanently unable to attend church.

The EV’s are trained by the Priest and licensed by the Diocese for this ministry. Because St. Edward’s is “one body, we share one bread and one cup.” We currently have 9 parishioners serving as EV’s and we try to
visit 10 members at least once a month.

This is a very rewarding ministry, particularly for those who were very active in our parish. They enjoy getting communion as well as the bulletin and news of the church. If this ministry appeals to you, please contact Fr. Gordon or Marilynn Emmons.