July 21, 2018


Lector Ministry Annual Report 2018

Annual Report for the Lector Ministry
The Lector ministry is functioning smoothly. Marian and Jay Franks have assumed the role of ministry
lead, with Marian taking the laboring oar.

Two meetings were held which covered several topics including appropriate preparation, source
material for the proper pronunciation of biblical person and place names and the need to understand
the reading and its context. We stressed the fact that ours is an oral tradition and we are telling our
stories. We avoid theatrical roll playing and attempt to present each story as written, with a beginning,
a middle and an end which present instruction and inspiration for our lives.

Currently, we are well staffed for the 10:30 service, however we are looking for additional lectors for the
8:00 service. Attendees at the early service who are interested in using their time and talent to actively
share the biblical message are urged to contact either Marian or Jay Franks. We thank all those who are
currently participating for sharing your time and talent.
Lectors for the 12:30 service are directed by Father Fabio.